Designed and supported by teachers

Class Charts is designed and supported by a team of teachers with a combined experience of over 60 years in the classroom. As part of TES we know what works in schools and are dedicated to making a positive impact on Teaching & Learning.

Everything about Class Charts is modular and we have a bunch of settings which means we can tailor it exactly to your school’s requirements.

Fast behaviour management

Choosing and awarding behaviours couldn't be easier. In just two clicks, you can instantly and effectively track behaviour trends throughout your classrooms and the entire school. Our behaviour management system is a simple tool that can be customised to fit perfectly within your school climate.

Behaviour management features

  • Customise achievements and behaviours to match your existing school policy.
  • Recognising students for positive behaviours helps to motivate students, reduce discipline related issues and creates a positive classroom culture.
  • Awarding the behaviour points in two easy clicks saves the teachers time in classroom, giving them more time for teaching.
  • Easily award and manage detentions with our detentions module.

Behaviour report features

  • Instant reports which highlight behavioural trends and students with diminishing behaviour.
  • Reports for everyone – from district administrators to individual support staff.
  • Be consistent as a school in terms of managing behaviour and make sure all staff are on board.
  • Our real time behaviour feeds help eliminate classroom disruptions and motivate students with positive reinforcement.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

  • Our Artificial Intelligence Engine learns how students interact and influence each other in positive and negative ways. Our seating charts can be optimised for positive behaviour interactions at the click of a button – moving disruptive students away from each other and pairing students that have positive interactions.
  • The AI engine also suggests seating plans optimised for learning – dispersing or clustering students by ability to suit the teachers approach to mixed ability learning.
  • Use our Intelligence Events to notify specific members of staff or parents when specific incidents occur.
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Seating plans in seconds

Our seating charts are a big time saver. They can display key information about students (eg. Special Ed, GPA, ect.) and link up with PowerSchool, Infinite Campus or by manual import so that they are always up to date.

Seating plan features

  • Rearrange by ability in a couple of clicks.
  • Use Safe Mode to display the seating plan on a whiteboard.
  • Highlight underachievement to your teachers.
  • Print beautiful, data rich seating plans.
  • Works on whiteboards, laptops, iPads and phones.
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Parents & Students

Our Parent and Student apps help celebrate achievement and promote student accountability. Motivating your students to have positive behaviour helps to create a positive classroom culture.

Parent & student features

  • Engage parents and promote your school’s positive achievements into the wider community.
  • Share customisable behaviour reports with parents and push real time notifications to their phones.
  • Help students see their own progress and reflect on their achievement and behaviour.
  • Motivate and engage students with our optional rewards store which can be fully customised to meet your needs.
  • School website widgets which help shout about the positive behaviour culture in your school.
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Our detentions module is tied in with the behaviour management and offers a slick way for your school to manage the whole detentions process. Staff can easily award detentions which can be tracked and administered, simplifying the whole process!

Detention module features

  • Attach a detention to a specific behaviour type so that your staff are consistent throughout your school.
  • No more double bookings for detentions, teachers are made aware if they try and set a detention for a student who already has one set for that date.
  • Help students see their own progress and reflect on their achievement and behaviour.
  • Make use of detention attendance and track who is attending and not attending set detentions.
  • Push detention notifications to parents via e-mail or our iOS & Android apps.
  • Get instant reports on detentions by grade level, subjects, students and more.
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Interactive Data Walls

Our Data Walls are quick and powerful way to create a visual representation of groups of students and they are a big hit with district and school leadership teams. By applying our “Red, Amber, Green” our Data Walls instantly highlight underachievement in groups of students.

Data Walls Features

  • Our powerful filters help you select groups of students and instantly highlight progress.
  • Use our RAG system (Red, Amber, Green) to automatically compare current or target grades or drag students manually into the relevant columns.
  • Save or edit the Data Walls and share them with selected staff and add a face to the students they should be focusing on.
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Simple Homework Management

Our homework module is easy to use and will save you money! It offers a range of homework features and is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current seating plans.

Homework features

  • Quickly and easily set homework from inside the class.
  • The end of student excuses! Embed your school’s homework calendar on your school website so students and parents are always aware of expectations. Share via our iOS and Android apps.
  • Simple to produce but detailed in their analysis – our reports allow the school to track homework submissions from students.
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